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Cheap Flights to Brazil

Call our Brazil Team on 01 500 5501. Prices are based per person and are subject to availability at the time of booking.

Brazil Flights

Brazil is one of the most captivating places on earth, with diverse rain-forests, stretching metropolises and endless white sandy beaches. Brazil offers big adventures to everyone willing to explore their lands, from horseback riding in the Pantanal, whale watching on the coast or kayaking flooded Amazonian forests. Then of course there's Brazil's most famous celebration, Carnaval. This colourful and quirky event causes a storm through the country's cities with it's dazzling costumes and infectious samba which will have you partying until dawn. The music, the wildlife, the beaches, the people, Brazil is hard not to fall for, this country offers so much.

São Paulo

Sao Paulo is enormous and slightly intimidating, the city is invigorating, creative and experimental, there's a slice of heaven for everyone who visits. Whether it's visiting art-house cinemas or cutting edge theaters, or eating out at any of the gourmet restaurants and bistros which keep streets fragrant with the scent of their cuisine. Sao Paulo is a mix of cultures with the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan, and Italians outside of Italy, as well as a large Arab and German community. This adds to the countries flavour as it fuses with its Latin American heritage. Fierce and fun in equal measures, Sao Paulo offers a flavour like no other.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro's beaches are the image which instantly springs to mind when thinking of Brazil, and Copacabana beach became a symbol of Rio during the 40's when international celebrities would holiday there for the weekend. Rio's beaches are it's highlight, free for all whether it's sunbathing, playing football, volleyball, drinking or surfing, it's a playground which are open to everyone. Spend nights dancing in the live music halls of the red-light district, Lapa. Samba is the sounds of nights of partying. Whether it's summer or New Years there's always a party in Rio, see for yourself with Club Travel.


Once the capital of Portugal's New World Colony, Salvador is an Afro-Brazilian delight. Colourful and exotic, it is a live museum of 18th century architecture and gold covered churches. Festivals are frequent, wild and welcoming they move and shake to the rhythm of drum corps through colonial buildings day and night. This is also a centre for religion where followers celebrate and connect with African gods at Candomblé ceremonies and the heritage of African slaves is upheld. This is a quirky city which goes unexplored by many, book today and discover its delights for yourself.

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